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Medals and Medallions Order Form.

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Please select the medals and medallions you wish to order below. Order confirmation and invoice will be emailed within 48 hours. Each Medal is UNIQUE hence the higher pricing vs generic ones. We are the only competition which offers UNIQUE medals. No one but your winning whisky will have that medal. Only one Gold, one Silver and One Bronze per category unless tied.

For Licensing Digital Media use and Printing licensing rights, please download this form and return it via email to

Printing Process: We use a full colour digital process, metalized and clear laminated and stand among the best looking medals and medallions in the industry. Each roll contains from 1,000 to 5,000 stickers per roll.

Pricing:  Please contact us if your order requires large volumes as prices go down significantly the larger the quantities. Setup fees are included in price. We will adjust pricing accordingly when we send you the invoice.

Medal (Gold, Silver Bronze size available 1.5" dia)  and Medallion (Points sizes available 1.5" dia) Pricing Structure:


 Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) & Medallions (Points)

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Scroll down for Medallions and when completed, simply go to the end of the page and click the submit button.

Medal 1 (1.5 " size)
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Medal 2 (1.5" size)
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Medal 3 (1.5" size)
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Medallion 1 (Points)
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Medallion 2 (Points)
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Medallion 3 (Points)
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